ANIDA Food Bank

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Summary: Our Volunteer Foodbank Drivers help ANIDA transport food to and from our community partners

Our Volunteer Foodbank Drivers play a crucial role in making nutritious food available to community members, including community members who may be seniors or have a disability

As a Volunteer Foodbank Driver, you can take pride in knowing you play an important role in helping some of the community’s most vulnerable members meet their basic needs.
Essential Duties and Responsibilities
  • Transporting food from community partners to Anida Foodbank
  • Transporting food from ANIDA Foodbank to seniors and/or community members with disabilities
  • Following ANIDA protocols when picking up, retrieving and/or delivering food on behalf of ANIDA
  • Following the protocols of community partners when picking up or dropping off food
  • Representing ANIDA well when interacting with community members on ANIDA’s behalf
  • Other duties, specifically around the transportation of food
  • Following ANIDA protocols when handling food
  • Must be dependable and punctual
  • Must be courteous and personable when dealing with the public
  • Must be self-directed and willing to take the initiative
  • Must have access to an insured vehicle
  • Must have a valid G or G2 license
  • Must be able to lift and carry 25 pounds/11 kgs
  • Must respect and maintain the confidentiality of ANIDA volunteers, partners, and donors
Training & Supervision
  • Attends general volunteer orientation
  • May attend a volunteer tour of the ANIDA Foodbank
Time Commitment
  • We have flexible shifts.
  • At least two 3-hour shifts each month.

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